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Ants are tiny eusocial pests which belong to the formicide family along with other insects like bees and wasps. These insects live in a colony which has thousands of ants and when they invade your premises they can end up being very destructive. So as much as you can use insecticide to control the ants, getting rid of them is quite impossible with insecticides. Therefore, the best ant killer tend to be ant traps which can attract them and then wipe the entire colony. But with the different ant traps available in the market, selecting the best trap can be tricky.  Below we will present you with some interesting facts about ants, natural ways to kill them and the best ant traps in the market according to our research.

Best Ant Killer  Quick Comparison

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Details About Ants?

Ants are a large group of highly social insects from the formicide family that is consisted of over 12,000 known species! There is virtually no continent on earth where ants cannot be found, the only exception being Antarctica due to its extremely harsh conditions that makes it not-habitable for most living things.  Ants have a typical insect body consisting of the head –which has a pair of elbow-like antennae- , the thorax and the abdomen.

Ants are sometimes mistakenly identified as winged termites, but the two are totally different with an ant having a distinguishing narrow waist, elbowed antennae and shorter hind legs than front ones, while termites’ antennae are straight and they have evenly sized legs.

Ant Skills

Wherever ants reside, they tend to thrive within their adopted ecosystem, this is because they have horned exceptional social skills that makes them among the most organized living organisms on earth. They are able to tap resources from their environment, modify their habitats and even defend themselves from attacking predators.  They are omnivorous in their feeding habit, and can feed on anything from fruits, other insects, as well as dead or living invertebrates.

Ants are social beings live in very large groups known as colonies, an organized society in which every member has a specified purpose and tasks of which they are expected to carry out daily. Ants societies are also hierarchical in nature with larger colonies consisting of various castes of females (most of whom are workers), male soldiers and of course the queen which rules over them all.

Other specialized groups are also existent apart from the ones mentioned, such as the drones, who are also males but have the ability to mate with the Queen. The Queen is the main populator of ant colonies and as such she remains the central figure head of their societies. Colonies are sometimes even described as super-organisms, due to the fact that although it may consist of tens of thousands of ants, the colony appears to work as a single body in perfect sync with each part that makes it up.

Some Benefits of Ants to Humans

Ants might end up becoming a terrible nuisance to us, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they also benefit us in certain ways. They are a key member of any ecological chain serving very important functions, some of which are:

  • When strategically tapped, they help immensely with the control of pests and the aeration of agricultural soil. In Southern China for example, ant cultivation for the purpose of citrus plantations is one of the oldest known biological application that man has adopted of any kind of organism.
  • Heads of soldier ants have in the past been used by native surgeons to cover gashes and wounds
  • Some ant venoms are of considerable importance and are frequently harvested for medical purposes.
  • Another agricultural application of ants can be seen in South Africa, where ants are used to harvest the seeds of the rooibas plant. The seeds are naturally dispersed by the plant and they are too tiny to be hand-picked by humans. When ants are deployed, they automatically gather these seeds and pile them up, with a single ant heap can yield over 200 grams of the seed.
  • In some parts of the world, ants are delicacies, especially in Mexico, where certain kinds of ant eggs are harvested and used in making escamoles, which is considered as a kind of caviar that sells for very significant amounts.
  • Ants through history have been an invaluable resource for scientific discoveries, with the first ultraviolet vision discovered in 1881 by Sir John Lubbock in ants, being a classic example.

Curious Facts about Ants

  • Ants are known to be heavy lifters, able to carry up to three times their own body weights
  • They are among the oldest civilized living organisms on earth and have been living in organized colonies for over 50 million years.
  • They communicate with one another using chemicals with which they alert one another of the promise of food found or danger from predators.
  • If put all together in one place, ants will weigh as much as the human population does!.
  • Ants are great builders with weaver ants able to construct soccer ball size houses from sewing leaves together.

Best Ant Killer Solutions

Ants are extremely organized in whatever they do, and when they decide to invade your home, they do so in a fashion that resembles are real life invasion, because they do so in their hundreds of thousands if not millions! Having such humongous number of ants in your home can be extremely disconcerting, which will leave you finding a way to eliminate the scourge and redeem your lost territory. Some of the best ways to kill and control ants include:

Diatomaceous earth

This extremely versatile insecticide is also lethal to ants. If sprinkled on your garbage cans, doors and windows, it eliminates ay ants that comes in direct contact with it and repels those that haven’t yet arrived.


This is probably one of the best ant killer solutions you will find. This is due to the fact that ants are deceived into ingesting it, which then almost immediately kills them. Once sprinkled at or near infestation zones, the result will leave you cleaning up thousands of dead ants within very few hours time.

Although these ant killers are effective in controlling ants, if you have a serious ant invasion, the below best ant killer selection, however, will work better.

Best Ant Killer Detailed Comparison

1. Terro T300 ant-killer liquid ant bait

To kill ants, all you need to do is place the pre-filled ant bait stations where ants have been spotted. The ants will get into the trap and consume the bait and then return to their colony, where they will transmit the bait to other ants. This bait is designed to kill all the work ants after a maximum of three days and thus, giving them enough time to transmit the bait to other ants.

This bait works by attracting the work ants which consume the sweet liquid and drop the trail pheromone in the colony, which in turn directs all the other ants to the bait. The bait is poisonous and can be dangerous to your pets and children, so make sure you place the ant poison away from your food. This way the ants won’t have time to walk all over your food. Once the problem is solved, make sure you replace the bait station after every three months.


  • This bait kills both the seen and unseen ants in the colony
  • It takes time to kill, so it can transmit the pheromone to the colony and destroy the colony.
  • No drips, spills or mess; for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Attracts ants fast
  • No drying out.


  • It’s poisonous
  • It takes time to kill the ants.
  • The number of ants will increase in the first few days you place the bait in your house.
Terro T300-3 Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits (3 Pack)
List Price: $15.29
Price: $15.00
You Save: $0.29
Price Disclaimer
2. Advance carpenter ant bait-8

This is the best bait designed to kill all the carpenter ants in your premises. This bait can be used both outdoors and indoors. The bait is designed to provide ants all their dietary requirement, while it’s using delayed-action insecticide-abamectin to kill them. This bait has a combination of the delayed action insecticide and food. It acts by reducing the ant population slowly and it can even stop the production of eggs in the colony thus eliminating it completely.

This bait come in a ready to use package all you need to do is place it in all the places where you have seen ants and let it do the control for you. Once you place the granules in place the ants will carry them to their colony where they will be consume by the other ants thus maximizing its effect.


  •  It can eliminate the colony at ones
  •  It can kill different types of ants including fire ants, odorous ants, and pavement ants among others.
  • It can be used both indoors & outdoors.


  •  It’s poisonous so make sure you keep it away from pets and children.
Advance Carpenter Ant Bait-8 oz 669578
List Price: $26.27
Price: $26.27
Price Disclaimer
3. Advion ant-gel insecticides with plunger

With its high attractant property, this broad spectrum bait comes with a homogenous formulation which can kill the ants. This ant bait kills most ant species including all the major sweet feeders. All you need to do is place the gel on the ant’s path and they will consume the bait. This gel affects all the different life stages and can get rid of an entire colony. It is quite poisonous and can affect your pets and other animals or birds in your compound so make sure you place the gel in a place where birds and small animals cannot reach.


  •  This gel can get rid of all the ants in the colony irrespective of its life stage.
  •  It comes in a tube so you can use it for a very long time, since you only need to apply a little to do the trick.


  • It’s poisonous so it can affect the other animals and birds.
4. Amdro ant-block home-perimeter ant bait granules

This bait is considered as one of the best ant killers simply because you don’t have to know where the nest is. All you need to do is place your bait and it will attract the ants and wipe out the colony by simply killing the queen. Amdro is a delayed-reacting bait; therefore it allows the ant ample time to carry the granules to the colony for everyone to have a bite, making it more effective than other contact killers. Amdro will kill the queen within a week and the rest of the colony after two weeks. If ants have already entered your house, you must first use one of AMDRO Kills Ants products listed for indoor usage to get rid of the ones already inside and then apply this Home Perimeter ant bait to keep them outside.


  • It can kill an entire colony beginning with the queen
  • It kills Carpenter Ants & 14 other ant species
  • It covers up to 540 linear feet
  • Guaranteed to work or money back.


  • Keep it away from your pets and children.
  • It’s not safe to place it in your vegetable garden either.
5. Trap-it-ant carded trap color-red

This wildlife accessory can help keep ants from your birds feeder. All you have to do is hang this ant trap with the correct side up and fill it with water and then hung your feeder right bellow it and let it protect your humming birds from ants. Remember the feeder should not touch the ground and since ants will come from the top, the trap will take care of them. After a while you will come and find ants stuck on the bait and ready to be wiped off the disposed. But never fill the trap with grease or ointment when placing it around birds since you will be endangering them.


  • It works perfectly
  • It’s safe for birds


  • As much as it kills ants, this trap does not get rid of flies and numerous other insects which can disturb the humming birds. To use on ants, however, it sure is one of the best ant killer solutions.

Ant traps or baits are the best ant killer to get rid of ants once and for all. Plus unlike instant kill insecticides, which only kill ants that it gets in contact with, the baits work slowly and can be carried to the colony for the other ants to consume and thus wiping out the entire colony.

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