10 Best Outdoor Mosquito Killers


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Apart from their painful bites and annoying buzzes, most mosquito species carry disease. The Culex species is responsible for diseases like Zika virus, yellow fever, and dengue fever. The most dangerous species is the anopheles mosquito, which is responsible for the killer disease, malaria.

From this information, it can be concluded that mosquitoes are dangerous and should be eliminated on sight. Here are the best outdoor mosquito killer insecticides and electronic gadgets that you can buy and use today.

Best Outdoor Mosquito Killer Detailed Comparison

1. $averPak Single Permethrin Clothing & Gear Treatment

$averPak Single Permethrinis a treatment that kills mosquitoes and many other insects such as mites and chiggers.

You can use this product to treat almost anything including furniture, clothing, hunting gear, hats, and socks.

Permethrin spray comes while ready to use, and you don’t have to do any more dilution or mixing before using. In addition, it is odorless when dry, and is a very effective DEET. One treatment of this spray can last up to 6 weeks or 6 launderings.

It is safe to use and does not pose any health issues to you, your family, or pets.

2. Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer
Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer, 1 Acre Coverage
List Price: $64.99
Price: $47.86
You Save: $17.13
Price Disclaimer

Probably the best outdoor mosquito killer, this electronic insect killer by Flowtron gives you the opportunity to eliminate mosquitos and any other flying insects without causing any harm to the environment. Flowtron Electric Insect Killer works by attracting mosquitos and then killing them using its non-clogging killing grid, which is powered by a high voltage transformer.

The good thing about using this electronic killer is that no harmful chemicals are used. Therefore, you can be sure that your family and pets will be safe.

As it helps you get rid of mosquitos, you can also use Flowtron BK-40D as security lighting.

3. Electric Insect Zapper by Kapas

This electric insect zapper by Kapas uses black light to attract flying mosquitoes, and then electrocutes them using high voltage metal grids.

Electric Insect Zapper features a modern design and non-clogging killing grids. On top this, it is very safe to use as it does not make use of any chemicals. Therefore, it would not cause any harm to humans or pets. These features make it eco-friendly too.

Electric Insect Zapper is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, including houses, hospitals, restaurants, food shops, and many more.

4. Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Pest Repellent Control

This outdoor insect and pest repellent will help you eliminate mosquitoes and other insects from your compound. It is built with the latest design and advanced technology, making it the best outdoor mosquito killer in the market right now. This pest repellent control is non-toxic as it only works by releasing ultrasound waves, which mosquitoes will find annoying.

Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Pest Repellent Control is a natural repellent that is easy to use, and one guaranteed to keep mosquitos away.

5. Insect Trap & Bug Zapper by Lumapest

Do you really want to keep mosquitos away? Use this insect trap by Lumapest.

Insect Trap & Bug Zapper offers you with a safe, hygienic, and non-toxic way to eliminate mosquitos and other flying insects. It attracts then kills mosquitos that come close to it. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor space without having to deal with any distractions and painful bites.

This trap comes with a 4-legged stand that you can move to areas with a high mosquito population. On top of this, it offers a safer way to kill mosquitos instead of using insecticides. With it, you can be sure that your family and pets will not be harmed in any way.

6. Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device

Another outdoor mosquito killer by Flowtron is the FC-8800 Fly Control Device.

This gadget that has the power to control mosquitoes on a 2 acres area, works by attracting insects and then electrocuting them. It features a glow tube and panel reflector, which increase attractiveness to insects. This property makes Flowtron FC-8000 one of the most successful devices for attracting a wide array of flying insects including mosquitoes.

7. Bug Zapper Solar Powered Electrical Fly Trap

This solar powered bug zapper works by attracting and killing mosquitoes through electrocution. It does this while providing you with enough LED light for your garden, lawn, or walkway.

This electric fly trap uses no chemicals and you can be sure not to face any health issues upon using it. In addition, it requires no wiring, and will save you money due to its multipurpose use – bug zapper and light.

Although it is solar powered, Bug Zapper can also be recharged in case of minimal sunlight.

8. Bug Zapper Mosquito Indoor Outdoor Electric Insect and Pest Killer

Looking for a quick fix to your mosquito problem? Bug Zapper Mosquito Indoor Outdoor Pest Killer is your best solution. This electric pest killer features two ultraviolet, which lure mosquitoes towards a high voltage electric grid. When close, the grid electrocutes and kills them instantly.

Bug Zapper offers a great alternative to pesticides with potentially harmful chemicals. Due to this, this pest killer can also be used in sensitive environments without causing any harm.

With this kind of gadget, you can enjoy your outdoors without having to worry about any unwelcomed bugs.

9. Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repellers
Thermacell MR-LJ Portable Mosquito Repeller, Black
List Price: $24.99
Price: $21.97
You Save: $3.02
Price Disclaimer

This is a mosquito repellent that has shown great effectiveness in getting rid of mosquitoes. It offers odor-free pest protection without the need to use scented sprays and lotions.

Since it is portable, you can use Thermacell when camping, fishing, gardening, hunting, and around your compound. In short, you can carry Thermacell with you on any adventure or outing.

10. Sunnest Electronic Insect Killer

Sunnest gives you the chance to get rid of irritating mosquitoes in a safe, non-toxic, and odorless way.

This gadget comes in three different modes: bug zapper and lighting, house lighting, and bug zapper. Due to this, Sunnest can be effective for both lighting your house and eliminating mosquitoes.

Unlike pesticides, Sunnest does not release harmful chemicals into the environment. Therefore, this product will not be harmful to you or your family in any way. Furthermore, it uses a 15W 110V LED bulb, which helps you save money and energy.

Use Sunnest and you won’t have to worry about getting disturbed by mosquitoes.


Mosquitoes can be very irritating and bothersome. Due to this, as you enjoy your time outdoors mosquitoes have the potential to ruin everything for you. If you have been facing a mosquito problem, we have mentioned the best outdoor mosquito killer that you can purchase and use today.

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