How to Get Rid of Possums



Possums can be quite vicious. They turn more hostile when diseased and can cause unsanitary conditions. Well, there are a lot of ways you can get rid of them. Most of the methods involve making the environment less appealing, setting traps to capture them, and removing them physically. Here is more information about how to get rid of possums.

Scare Them Away

You can scare possums away by using motion activated sprinklers or lights. You can place these devices around the perimeter of your house, around trees, at the front of your property, and any other spots where possums frequent.

Motion-activated sensors are triggered after the possum happens to cross the devices. When the sensor turns on, they might scare the possums away. Motion-activated sprinklers are proven to be more effective compared to motion-activated lights. This is because lights seem to frighten away little possums that are afraid of humans. However, water sprinklers work perfectly with possums that are more mature and a bit hard to scare away.

Watch a baby possum being rescued so you want to repel these animals humanely.

Fence Your Home

Whether you are sure or not that there could be possums in your home, putting up a fence will do you a lot of good when it comes to how to get rid of possums. Despite this, you should note that even if you are able to get rid of possums from your place, they might still come back if there are holes in your fence. Therefore, you need to regularly check your fence for rotten boards, undermining, or any other damage.

Possums are great climbers, but there is no animal that would climb over a fence if an electric wire is installed on top of it. In this case, all you have to control is the integrity of the fence.  Check your local and state law to see if electric fences are allowed though.

Use Possum Repellents

The next measure we are going to learn about in this article on how to get rid of possums is by using repellents. Although unnatural, repellents can be quite effective in deterring possums. Some repellent products you can use include:


Found where the possums are hiding, why not bombard them with some stink? Mothballs have a strong pungent smell that has been known to deter troublesome animals away.


Ammonia is a great repellent as it affects the smell senses of irritating animals. Pour some ammonia into a can and place an old rag in it. The rag will start to work as a wick dispersing ammonia fumes into the air. When possums smell it, they won’t get anywhere close to your property. We suggest that you place as many ammonia cans as possible for more effectiveness.

D-Ter and Scat

These are special powders diluted in water. If you mix them, they make a special liquid spray. The resulting formula works on the sense of taste and smell of annoying animals like possums. Apply this solution to plants or in areas where possums frequent.

How to Get Rid of Possums Using the Elimination Method

If you have possums in your garden, there are high chances that there is something there that lures them in. They could be getting some food or shelter from your yard, and if this so, there are some things you could avoid possums by denying them these two basic needs. Let us have a look at how to get rid of possums by eliminating their food source and shelter.

Eliminating their Food Source

Possums eat almost anything: carrion, rodents, insects, plants, fruits, garbage, vegetables, pet food, baby birds, and even compost. This means that if you could clean up your homestead really well, then you could eliminate possums for good. Don’t throw away food leftovers, take them to the garbage can instead. Make sure that your garbage cans have tight fitting lids. If you have fruit trees, pick the ripe and store them safely. Also, consider fencing your garden. Do everything possible to make sure that possums won’t have any access to food from your home.

Eliminating Shelter

Even something as ugly and annoying as a possum would still want somewhere to hide his face at night. Eliminate possum’s shelter by doing a thorough cleanup of your home. Start by disposing off any brush piles. Once you have handled those, get rid of woodpiles or place them in a woodshed or any tight shelter. Moreover, make sure that the doors to the store, garage, and shed are locked at all times.

Scatter Cat or Dog Fur

The smell of a likely predator might be just enough to prevent possums from hanging around your homestead. Consider collecting your pet’s hair after brushing it. Afterward, place the fur in mesh bags and scatter or hang them in areas where possums gather on a frequent basis.

Now, this method could inspire you to let your dog and cat roam around the garden so as to scare possums away. However, this is not recommended as possums can be quite aggressive. They could also be carrying diseases. Due to this, you wouldn’t want your pet getting into close contact with a possum.

Trap Them

You can also eliminate possums by trapping them. Get a good trap from a local or online store. Load the trap with something sweet-smelling such as canned dog food or canned cat food. Any kind of old vegetable or fruit could also do the trick for you. If you are lucky to trap the possum using your trap, consider driving him as far as possible, open up the cage, and allow him to walk out of your life forever.


It is for sure that during your lifetime, you might come across a possum that might find its way into your yard, garden, shed, or even house. In case this happens, you don’t have to be afraid. Just follow the aforementioned tips and methods to avert possums without harming them. These involve measures like scaring them away, fencing your home, eliminating their food, and trapping them.

Try our recommended methods and tell us your results.

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