How to Kill Fruit Flies


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The hot summer days often tend to cause unwanted fruit fly infestations. If you place a bowl of fresh fruits on the dining table hoping to snack on it later, but after some time you find that it has attracted a swarm of pesky critters, then you might have a fruit fly issue. Fruit flies always find a way to your fresh fruits before you enjoy them. While the best thing you can do to keep them at bay is store the fruits in an enclosed area, at times, that overripe fruit might sit out for too long, and attract these nuisance flies to your kitchen area. If you are facing a fruit fly problem, then don’t mind. This article will show you how to kill fruit flies and prevent them from getting into your home.

How to Kill Fruit Flies – Home Remedies

Using a Vinegar Trap

This is usually one of the best technique for individuals that want to rely on homemade methods to get rid of fruit flies. Here, you will require apple cider vinegar, water, dish soap, sugar, and, a container. Now, add about two tablespoons of vinegar, a few drops of soap, a liter of water, and a tablespoon of sugar into the container. Mix the contents and place the container where fruit flies frequent.

The flies will be attracted to the scent of apple cider vinegar, but will drown when they touch the solution due to the soap. Set up several containers with a similar solution around your house so as to get a better understanding of where the flies are breeding.

Using a Rotten Fruit Trap

Your fruit fly problem probably started after you left some rotten fruits somewhere around your house. You can use this method that attracted the fruit flies to get rid of them again. However, this time, you need to direct them to a morbid end.

Do this by placing a rotten fruit into a bowl, then stretch clear plastic on top of it. Poke several holes through the plastic paper, and leave it where fruit flies love to gather. They will be attracted to the smell of the rotten fruit, they will find their way inside, but will not be able to get out.

Using the Wine Trick

Humans are not the only ones that find wine fascinating. Fruit flies also love the taste of some wine. Due to this, wine acts as one of the best fly catcher and is always ready anytime you open up a bottle of wine.

For this method, empty a bottle of wine but leave out some at the bottom. Leave the bottle close to where fruit flies love to gather. They will fly in, but will not be able to get out due to the funnel-effect of the bottleneck.

Use Beer to Set a Trap

It seems like fruit flies have a soft spot for alcohol, and not just wine. For this technique, get a mason jar and add some beer into it. Puncture the metal lid with a nail to create several holes. Place the cap back on and leave the beer trap where flies frequent. You can replace the beer after some few days so as to catch more flies.

Fogging Products

Fogging offers a great way to get rid of fruit flies. If you are operating in a large area, then fogging is one of the best ways to eliminate fruit flies. For indoor purposes, you can use a popular fogger such as the
Hot Shot Insect Fogger

Pouring Bleach into the Sink

If you are having a drain fly problem, then this method might be effective in dealing with the issue. This method mostly helps to kill off any fruit fly eggs that might be in the drain. If you don’t have bleach, a bacterial digester could work as a substitute. Additionally, there has been a lot of success reported from using ammonia to kill drain fly eggs.

If you will be using chemicals to get rid of fruit flies, be sure to wear both eye and mouth protection when pouring the solutions into the drains.

Use Yeast

A concoction of yeast can do the magic for you in catching and killing fruit flies. Fill a jar with warm water, add active dry yeast, and a teaspoon of sugar. Mix the contents to create a solution. Cover up the jar with a plastic wrap, and poke several holes through it. Flies will be attracted, they will fly in, but will not be able to get back out.

Using a Bottle of Soda

If you take soda, then you are in luck. Fruit flies are attracted to almost any sweet thing. Soda can hence be used to lure fruit flies into a trap. For this technique, take a soda bottle and hammer holes through the lid. Empty the contents from the bottle but leave about an inch of soda in the bottle. Place the lid back on, and watch fruit flies swarm in.

How to Keep Fruit Flies Away

The best way to keep fruit flies away is to make sure that nothing attracts them to your house. First, they are mostly attracted to fruits and any rotten foods. Due to this, you can get rid of fruit flies by throwing away bad foods and ensuring that your trash cans are clean and food-free at all times. This helps lower the temptation of fruit flies getting into your home.


Apart from being irritating, fruit flies can create the impression that you don’t clean up well. This is the main reason why you should consider getting rid of fruit flies the moment you see them hanging around your house. Well, this article has provided a lot of tips on how to kill fruit flies and keep them away. Most of the techniques stated entail luring them into a trap. With this knowledge, fruit flies will never be a problem to you again.



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