Got Spiders? Control Them With Natural Spider Repellent


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Most of us dread spiders because we are not able to tell if one is venomous or not. The thought of having a brown recluse  or black widow in the house is very scary.  The good news is spiders are not hard to get rid of and there is easy-to-made natural spider repellent that you can use to eliminate these scary pests.

Let’s look at some facts about spiders.

Spiders are among the most diverse groups of living organisms with over 38,000 species recorded so far. They are eight legged air breathing arthropods whose body is divided into two different segments. The insects are overwhelmingly predatory by nature, feeding on fellow insects and other small animals like wood mice, millipedes, small birds, lizards and some frogs. As predatory organisms they are popularly known for their web making, and their deploying it to trap their prey, but this is not the only way spiders look for and find sustenance.

Spider Categories

Due to the great number of species, spiders are categorized rather by the means through which they catch their prey into two main categories.

Hunting Spiders

Contrary to popular belief, not all spiders use webs in trapping prey. Some are true born hunters who would rather hunt down than wait for a prey to fall in one of their booby traps. Most hunting spiders are extremely agile, deploying the advantage of speed and clear vision to track down their prey and forcefully subdue them with their venom.

Web Building Spiders

These are the second category of spiders that don’t hunt but are forced to wait patiently for their prey to run afoul of one of their web traps, usually insects before they finish them off with their venom. Most web making spiders are forced to this way of sustaining themselves due to their poor eyesight which makes hunting not a feasible option. They usually sense the presence of their prey by detecting the vibration around them.

spider in web

Amazing Spider Facts

  • Spiders unlike most other insects do not have antenna
  • There is only one herbivorous spider in the whole world known as the “Bagheera Kipling”
  • Some spiders rather make holes and burrows to live in than webs
  • While a lot of the web spiders we know have very poor eyesight, there are those like the jumping spider which has one of the clearest visions of any living organism.
  • Arachnophobia is the excessive fear of spiders some people have
  • Spiders usually have multiple pairs of eyes , with some having up to 8 eyes on them
  • Spider webs vary among different spider types, while some make them like funnels, other have a rounder orb shaped structure to them
  • Spiders are global in their spread as they are found in every continent with the exception of Antarctica which is way too cold for them to exist in.
  • Female adults are ardent care givers for their offspring, as they carry them around ad feed them food themselves
  • Spiders are blue-blooded, as oxygen gets attached to what is known as haemolymph which contains copper contrary to the hemoglobin in humans which contains iron from which it gets its red color
  • A single strand of spider web is extremely strong for its size and thickness, as it is found to be five times as strong as steel of similar dimensions
  • The largest spider in the world can grow up to 11 inches in diameter, and is aptly named the goliath spider
  • Spiders don’t walk with all 8 legs, rather they use four to take their steps while four remain suspended

Spider Bites and their Harmful Effects

When spiders come in contact with humans, they tend to bite, especially when they feel threatened.  This is known as arachnidism. The effects of a spiders bite depends on several factors like the physical strength of the victim (as it affects the young and elderly more adversely) , the type of spider that did the biting as well as the actual amount of venom that was discharged into the victim’s system .

While most spider bites are a little more than a painful nuisance, there are those that can cause significant adverse effects. Like the repeated muscle contraction, high blood pressure and facial spasm cause by the venom of the black widow spider. Others such as the brown recluse’s venom, when introduced to human’s system can cause serious blood disorders like the bursting of red blood cells, which can translate in jaundice and kidney complications

Natural Spider Repellent

The best ways of controlling spiders are through natural ways that don’t include the use of harmful chemical agents.  There are several natural spider repellent methods that one can use in keeping spiders away from their homes or even eliminate those that are already there. These methods include:

Peppermint Oil

Almost all spiders find pure peppermint oil to be highly obnoxious that they can’t stand it, making it one of the most effective and cheapest natural spider repellents one can deploy

Natural Plant Spider Repellent

Another natural means of keeping spiders away from your premises is by creating a perimeter around it using naturally repelling herbs such as eucalyptus, lemon grass, lavender and lemon balm. The scents on these herbs cannot be stood by the spiders which keeps them at a distance away from your home

Pet Cats

Another cheap and natural means of controlling spider is by having a cat round the house, which readily hunts and devours spiders on sight.

Citrus Peels

Spiders absolutely hate the deep acetic acid smell that emanates from citrus peels and this keeps them away from ay place they sense its presence. Doorways, shelves and windows that are rubbed with freshly peeled citrus make it impossible for the spider to come into your residence.

Essential oils

Many kinds of essential oils when mixed with water and sprayed around the house will make it impossible for the spider to move around or hunt for food. This gives it no option than to vacate the place for friendlier climes.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a highly versatile home accessory that can be used in diverse applications from cooking to cleaning, and now we know it is also a very effective natural spider repellent. When poured around to make a perimeter around the house, the spider finds it absolutely impossible to pass through and come to the house.

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